Information Technology General Controls (ITGC)

IT general controls can be applied to IT systems such as applications, operating systems, databases, and supporting IT infrastructure. The objectives of IT general controls are to ensure the integrity of data and processes that the systems support.

We help organizations in designing ITGC frameworks through a conclusive test of design procedure and providing assurance on effectiveness and efficiency through test of operating effectiveness procedure. InQHive has a team of skilled and seasoned IT audit professionals who have experience and trusted expertise working with corporations in various industries. Our team helps the clients with a comprehensive ITGC coverage to manage and mitigate IT general control risks within their IT environment. Our team tailors our services with respect to organizational scalability, risk appetite and compliance requirements. Our services help ensure that the client is risk-focused, promotes sound IT controls, ensures timely resolution of audit observations, and informs the relevant management body of the effectiveness of risk management practices.

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Few IT general control areas:

  • Logical access controls over applications, data and supporting infrastructure
  • Change management controls
  • Business continuity and recovery controls
  • Data centre physical security controls
  • Software development life cycle controls