Business Continuity Management

Very uncertain are the potential disruptions which at times take form of major crisis leading to the fall of organizational success and values. We can help our clients to deal with such futuristic risk events by assessing the current preparedness. We can also develop business continuity plan document(s) for reference and adoption.

Organizations have always been exposed to multiple risk factors, both internal and external. Today, COVID-19 pandemic lays the path for even a more significant crisis management plan in any organization’s infrastructure for business continuity. Managing crisis can be sensitive as well as complex and can have a lasting impact on the operations of the organization safeguarding its resources and assets. From fire to earthquake, cyclones, power outages, political events or even virus outbreaks, a business continuity plan needs to be developed and enforced in an organization to ensure continuation of its business operations under a disrupting scenario i.e. with necessary security and control mechanism, users remain productive.

Business continuity management is generally defined as a planning process for developing prior arrangements in the form of policies and/or procedures enabling an organization to respond appropriately to a disaster such that critical business functions can continue or quickly resume once a crisis takes shape. Basically, BCM begins with the policies and procedures developed, tested and used when an incident occurs, while roles and responsibilities are appropriately assigned during this phase.

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