Information Technology & Security

Information is the most expensive asset today; ensuring the integrity & security of information & systems is paramount.

Digitization of the business world has led to tougher competition and driven almost every organization to undergo a transformation onto Information Technology (IT) based operational platforms. IT systems have become crucial components of any business model and organizations have been hugely dependent on them to process their data. This dependency means there is much at stake that must be protected and secured.

To grow spontaneously, organizations need to trust their data and security measures thereon to safeguard their data.

Organizations have built systems, devices, networks and services that accumulate vast data stored many times without proper regard to risk or security. Adequate control mechanisms should be developed and practiced effectively in order to manage the risks related to IT and business emerging from various software applications, ERP infrastructures and business processes. We help our clients in managing these risks and reducing their extent and impact to the client’s risk appetite, and the clients benefit from their technological investments.

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How do we help:

  • Review software applications and ERP infrastructure and assess risks; assess associated IT and security controls
  • Conduct test of design and test of operating effectiveness on major IT applications and ERP infrastructure
  • Evaluate and establish IT control environment through adoption of relevant framework such as COBIT
  • Develop, implement, maintain and review IT risk registers
  • Address compliance to various standards and legislations

Seamless connectivity and transmission of data drastically improves convenience. Yet it also enhances the number of potential attack entry points such as application programming interfaces and third-party services, significantly raising the threat of...

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Information Technology General Controls (ITGC)

IT general controls can be applied to IT systems such as applications, operating systems, databases, and supporting IT infrastructure. The objectives of IT general controls are to ensure the integrity of data and processes that the systems support.

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