Outsourcing / Co-sourcing

InQHive provides sourcing, co-sourcing and outsourcing services in the areas of risk management benefitinng clients with maximum risk intelligence, operational excellence and efficiency.

Outsourcing: InQHIve offers outsourcing services in various areas of engagement relevant to Internal Audit. Organizations can benefit with cost of arbitrage through outsourcing, while obtaining the right risk management solutions specific to their business operations. Our team enabled with the relevant industry experience, skills and advanced techniques can prove to be your best partners in enhancing your operational confidence through appropriate risk response strategies.

Co-sourcing: Our co-sourcing service vertical can help the in-house Internal Audit or risk team of an organization in uplifting their capability or expertise level to new high. Our experts can also closely work with operational team of our clients and enhance their risk awareness and knowledge through continuous and transaction-based training. This would lead to high level of assurance over risk areas through effective functioning and managing control activity mechanisms.

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