Internal Audit Service

Build your organizational worth and gain trust of your customers/ consumers through effective reviews and compliance mechanisms.

Internal Audit is a high value mechanism in the assurance environment of an organization. This function ensures an effective control environment, hence, highlighting good governance for the purpose of regulators and stakeholders. More than just a contractual obligation, we provide insights for future possibilities by putting light on the current state of organizational affairs of our clients.

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Internal Audit

No longer this is acceptable for Internal Audit to simply focus on the past, there is a paramount necessity that Internal Auditors take the...

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Audit Innovation

It is believed, future world stands on innovation and Internal Audit practice has hence, fast responded to innovative techniques to develop risk strategies.

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SOX Compliance

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act, 2002 is a widely known compliance enforced as a response to various corporate scandals and white-collar...

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IFC Compliance

Internal Financial Controls (IFC) under Sec 134 of Companies Act, 2013 marks a paradigm shift from the previous reporting requirements...

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Business Process Improvement

InQHive’s risk champions have distinguished capabilities in developing, implementing, maintaining and periodically reviewing:

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Third-Party Risk Management

While adopting to new operating models because of globalization, organizations have relied on third party vendors for specialty services, operational efficiency, cost savings etc.

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Outsourcing / Co-Sourcing

We provide sourcing, co-sourcing and outsourcing services to organizations in need in the areas of risk management. Organizations gain maximum risk intelligence, expertise and costs on such services.

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